Hopi ear candle therapy in Cambridgeshire

Hopi ear candles

With the candle lit and gently inserted into the ear, the heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing and warming effect. The mechanics of this process are energetic in nature. Adding heat to the body's systems in a subtle way, resulting in the simulation of lymphatic drainage ( swelling goes down), and in burning off excess mucus in the middle and inner ear, sinuses and nose (breathing improves).

The Benefits

The immune system is improved as stimulation of the white blood cells also takes place, along with that of the pituitary gland (controls glandular system).

Beneficial for relief of pressure experienced when flying. The procedure is simple and safe to carry out and is followed by a face and ear massage.

For optimum results a course of three treatments is recommended over a four-week period.

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